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On 11.04.2018 By Mr Ralph Watson at Mumbai


With international Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur Ralph Watson


Success can be harder than ever to achieve in this age of media marketing, high-pressure business, economic challenges and increasing competition.  it is simply NOT ENOUGH to just be good at what you do. Now, it takes far more business focus if you want to succeed.  The way you approach, market, sell and drive your business, and yourself, will determine whether you are a wolf – or just another sheep. 

This one-day workshop, created and presented by leading International Speaker, Coach and Master Trainer Ralph Watson, will help you take the first steps to becoming a Wolf

 Here is a general view of the topics:

  • ·       Meet the White Wolf
  • ·       Understanding YOUR WHY
  • ·       Focus on the business purpose
  • ·       Don’t compete - create
  • ·       Creating disruption to sell your service
  • ·       Building brand alignment
  • ·       Building a campaign-driven enterprise
  • ·       It’s all a waste of time if you don’t take the right action
  • ·       Gathering your pack
  • ·       Making an impact

Who should attend?

  • ·       Trainers
  • ·       Speakers
  • ·       Coaches
  • ·       Therapists
  • ·       Counsellors
  • ·       Owners of small business
  • ·       Entrepreneurs
  • ·       HR Consultants
  • ·       People with a desire to start their own business and not sure how to make it work

Places are strictly limited and we will be sold out, so don’t be disappointed, book your place now; call Rana on +91 7774838407 to reserve your place, call now.

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