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NLP Master Practitioner Level

NLP Master Practitioner Level

A demonstration of the ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of NLP and to utilise these competently with self and others:

  • Integration, mastery and elegance of NLP Practitioner skills
  • Ability to manage one’s own state
  • Ability to do change work with self and others
  • Precision and resourcefulness through all representational systems
  • Conscious and unconscious embodiment of the NLP presuppositions
  • Ability to track logical levels
  • Ability to separate process from content about process
  • Ability to establish and maintain levels of rapport
  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • Change and Install Strategies
  • Multi-level communications
  • Meta Programs (complex) – elicitation, calibration, utilisation, change, flexibility ·Values – elicitation, calibration, clarification, utilisation, change work
  • Advanced submodality work
  • Advanced timeline work
  • Advanced Milton modelling
  • Modelling – elicitation, replication, transfer, utilisation
  • Advanced patterns and techniques – such as sliding anchors, reimprinting, contextual marking, etc.

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