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ANLP (India) Master Trainer Programme

ANLP (India) Master Trainer Programme

This master training programme is a guide to the minimum requirements and may be added to as required. ANLP (India) will judge each case on its merits. The concept of making Master Trainers of NLP in India is via peer review following the recommendation from two existing registered master trainer members of ANLP (India). The recommendation will follow after the applicant has proved the following items:

Preliminary criteria for Master Trainer

1) Accredited or recognised trainer for at least three years.(with any major well known accreditation body)

2) A complete and checkable track through the training levels

3) Developed and delivered as lead trainer at least 6 Practitioner level trainings.

4) Developed and delivered as lead trainer at least 4 Master Practitioner trainings.

5) attendance at a minimum of two Trainer Academies (in full). This should include assisting and delivering at least one full session as briefed by the Lead Master Trainers.

6) Be able to instantly demonstrate any of the accepted techniques of NLP from Practitioner to Trainers Training level without any referral to notes.

7) To have maintained continued membership of ANLP (India) for at least three years.

8) To actively promote the ANLP (India) through their website and trainings.

9) No bad feedbacks received and not resolved to ANLP (India)’s satisfaction.

10) Seen and a report prepared by two master trainers independently recommending the trainer to master training level.

11) The ANLP (India) master trainers are required to support the vision of ANLP (India) in the maintenance of the highest levels of NLP available in the Indian sub-continent. And will adhere to ANLP (India) code of conduct.

12) Master Trainers from other organisations (ABNLP, INLPTA, SNLP etc) who wish to become Master Trainers under ANLP (India) are required to attend and assist/present at a minimum of one Trainer Academy prior to acceptance and a minimum of one Trainer Academy in every five-year period thereafter. There is a fee for being accepted into ANLP (India) details on application

Remember that the final decision will be taken by peer review of the appropriate members of the advisory team of ANLP (India).

However as there is no failure only feedback in NLP the advisory’s brief will be to encourage the installation of good quality master trainers.

With very few exceptions it is expected that all master trainers will be full time professionals in the training of NLP and the acceptance of the award; Accredited Master Trainer of NLP from ANLP (India) also confers the honour of being on the advisory team for ANLP (India).

Remembering that this award is an honour and holders are expected to contribute to the field of NLP in general and ANLP (India) in particular.


Updated January 2017

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